Fabulous Weekend at DFWCon 2018

North Texas Writers at DFWCon 2018

What a great conference! This year eight of our members attended DFWCon, breaking the North Texas Writers' record. A.J. Dvorak, Melanie Gabbard, Michael Hilton, Carly Huss, Susan Lozano, Fergal O'Donnell, Brenna Raney, and Wanda Woodworth.

Over the weekend, we attended classes, agent panels, and workshops hosted by agents, editors, best selling authors, and professional speakers.

Its no secret that the road to publishing is a long, grueling one, so we celebrate our progress along the way. As a group, we had ten partial and six full manuscript requests from Anaiah Press, Ayesha Pande Literary Agency, Bob MeCoy Literary, BookEnds Literary Agency, Dystel, Goodrich & Bourret LLC, L. Perkins Agency, Metamorphosis, Nelson Literary Agency, and Triada US Literary Agency.

The connections we made, both with literary professionals and other aspiring authors, will last our careers.


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